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Qualified Support

I have been in your position with 3 children of my own who all had their own individual sleep habits and needs. Having had my babies very close together, I lived and breathed baby and toddler sleep for 5 years (and still going!). I engaged a Sleep Consultant for my first born when he was 10 months old after many, many sleepless nights and struggling with short naps during the day. As a result, I came to realise how amazingly simple it was to support our babies to get the sleep that they need. I decided to become a qualified Sleep Consultant myself so that I could share this knowledge with all struggling families and help them to enjoy these precious early days without being in a constant sleep deprived state! I believe every family is unique and I will work with you to create a plan suited not only to your child but also your own parenting style. Let me help you and your family to achieve more sleep for everyone.

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